, Here’s Deep Forest #1: Profesora Regina online in...

Here’s Deep Forest #1: Profesora Regina online in full for the first time to keep you cozy on your snow day. Drawn at the Center for Cartoon Studies (cartoonstudies) in 2013 in pencil, watercolor, and ink for my thesis year.  Click the images for the full images and let me know what you think! 

If you like this issue you can purchase DF #1 at my Counterintuitive Comics store with bonus one-pager comic and fancy design elements for just $6 (or buy a misprint for $4!). And the story of mad science and teen witches continues in Deep Forest Issue #2 and wolf girl … C: Stick around my Deep Forest tag for sketches too.

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    Deep Forest Chulada de ambientitos comiqueros. Hecho en el CCS, Center forma Carrión Studies, mi próxima escuelita.
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    Wow, every time I read it I am reminded why I love this comic! by contributor Laurel Lynn Leake
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