, The delightful Georgia Webber leads Random House...

The delightful Georgia Webber leads Random House on a tour of her comics library, and mentions MY COMICS! I just about fell over reading all the nice things she said about me and my work. Georgia is an insightful and expressive cartoonist and her series “Dumb” reads as easy as breathing even while sinking its teeth into knotty emotions. Not to mention that she’s always a joy to see at cons!

I’m very honored to be featured on her shelf/suitcase - go read the whole article!  

I don’t know much about Deep Forest, but I’m looking forward to reading this. Laurel Lynn Leake came up from the Centre for Cartoon Studies for Expozine. She’s just incredibly talented as a visual artist, and I know she’s deeply invested in comics. So I’m looking forward to seeing what kind of story she tries to tell and exactly how she chooses to do it.” - Georgia Webber!

And as always, you can find out more about Deep Forest here on my blog, or at the CounterIntuitive Comics Store. C:

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